Metanoia needs help


Metanoia Poster Art

It’s not often that I put up a post that isn’t a film review but this is going to be one of those posts. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been working as an assistant director for an independent film project. Its called Metanoia and we’ve are still in pre-production. We have set up an Indiegogo account to hopefully raise funds and are in need for donations. Below you’ll find the link to the Indiegogo page (where you can also watch our promotional video with the film crew) and the film’s website (runs by yours truly). Than you and we’d be very appreciative for your help.


Metanoia website:


8 Responses to “Metanoia needs help”

  1. This is a worthy cause, and I hope all has been going well with it and with you my friend! I’d be interested in hearing of your picks for the best films of 2010.

    • My top ten will be posted as soon as possible (I’m aiming for Monday morning) and I can only hope it won’t disappoint. Also Thank you so much for your help by including this post be on the Monday Morning Diary. It really means a lot.

  2. […] Anu is involved with a special film project called Metanoia, and he’s asking for some help while providing some links at The Confidential Report: […]

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