Frampton arriving to Blu-ray

One of the great talents from the structual film movement of the 60s as well as the one of the finest avant-garde filmmakers ever will have his work be in the Criterion Collection and on Blu-ray! Being released as A Hollis Frampton Journey, the collection includes his magnum opus Zorns Lemma, as well as piece from his works Magellan and Hapax Legomena, including his masterpiece (nostalgia). Sadly a few essential works, but I can’t complain. Criterion already have Brakhage to their catalog so the addition Frampton will be  second member of the vastly overlooked American New Wave in their collection. Hopefully this will be the begin a trend of important avant-garde filmmakers getting the high quality treatment ( films from Jack Smith, Andy Warhol, Jonas Mekas, Maya Deren, Kurt Kren, James Benning, etc.)

For more interest in this great filmmakers works, go to the link below:


2 Responses to “Frampton arriving to Blu-ray”

  1. Yep, I did see the new Criterion releases for April and noticed this one. Thrilled to read here of your enthusiasm, and in the end I will get my copy, as well as one of the Monticelli film also announced for that month. The blu-ray upgrade of Ozu’s LATE SPRING is another essential, methinks.

    • The home video releases this year are incredible, and not just from Criterion. Osaka Elegy (1936), The Story Of The Last Crysanthemum (1939), Sisters of the Gion (1936), and Utamaro And His Five Women (1946) will all be coming out in a blu-ray collection from Artificial Eye, Louis Feuillade’s Les Vampires will be released by Kino, and Pasolini’s Accattone (1961) and The Gospel According to Matthew (1964) will arrive through Eureka. Frampton’s set however is one I never thought would be released, and from Criterion no less, made my week. Also with Late Spring getting a bluray, hopefully that means a Tokyo Story blu-ray is not to far away.

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